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A rail-expert in training no less! Now you’re ready for your test.

This is a 6 question multiple-choice format. Answer the questions, then have your exam graded.

If you want to compare your answers with the correct answers at the end of the exam, print a copy and indicate your answers on it. You will have the option to print the exam after you log-in below.

A passing score is 4 or higher. Certified Travel Associates (CTA), Certified Travel Counselors (CTC), and Certified Travel Industry Executives (CTIE) who complete this educational program with a passing score of 4 or more earn 2 Continuing Education Units (CEU) from The Travel Institute (US) or 4 CEUs from the Association of Canadian Travel Agents (Canada). CTAs, CTCs, and CTIEs are required to obtain CEUs to maintain certification in The Travel Institute.

For more information visit www.thetravelinstitute.com or www.acta.ca

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